What is within the Authority of a Notary Public?

The authority of a Notary Public Commissioned in Oklahoma includes performing notarial acts in any county within the state of Oklahoma regardless of the Notary Public county of residence. The Notary Public meets the signer in-person and confirms their identity after validating their photo ID and is the official witness to their signature on the […]

Need a notary in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma or Tulsa?

At Broken Arrow Mobile Notary, we are based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and serve a total of 22 counties in Oklahoma. Reach out to us today for notary availability for prompt, friendly, reliable, and professional service By Appointment to schedule a time and location of your convenience. We make notarizations easy by coming to you! […]

Need a document notarized, but it’s a Holiday Weekend?

Reach out today to Broken Arrow Mobile Notary at 918-851-4909 for your notarizations. We provide prompt, professional, friendly, reliable, reasonably priced, efficient service and serve 22 counties in the State of Oklahoma. We make notarizations easy by coming to the location that is most convenient for you! We’re here for you Monday through Friday, Saturdays, […]

A Jurat? What’s that?

What is a jurat & why do I need it? A jurat is the formal declaration of a signer in front of a currently commissioned notary public or other authorized public official. This type of notarization is performed after placing the signer under oath. The notarization certifies that the signer has sworn and attests that […]

What is an Acknowledgement?

What is an Acknowledgement & why should it matter to me? A notarial Acknowledgement is a formal declaration of a signature in front of a currently commissioned notary public or other authorized public official. An Acknowledgment is included as a component of legal document. This can be typed during drafting of the document or placed […]

Need to prepare legal documents?

The preparation of legal documents is outside the purview or scope of work performed by a notary public. In addition, answering legal questions, providing advice, interpreting the meaning conveyed within a document, or acting in the role of a legal advisor is also outside the scope of work performed by a notary public; however, there […]

What services does Broken Arrow Mobile Notary provide?

We are qualified to notarize a wide variety of documents including Real Estate document packages. We are insured, bonded, background checked, and screened for your security, protection, and peace of mind. We’re also available for last-minute real estate document signings (based on schedule availability). We look forward to working with you and sincerely appreciate your […]